Recent Purchases

I went on a mini shopping spree over the last few weeks. Ebay and New purchases. Spring is on the way and there is COLOR everywhere. How could I resist!? Here are a few of the goodies I bought:


Top from Old navy

Shorts from Banana


Aren't these gorgeous!?


I also got these pink cuties. They look hideous on the model (IMO) but I think i ROCK them ;) I’ve already worn the above top with the pink jeans. .. looks totally hot ;) .. . and these are from Old Navy, too



There was quite a bit more, but I won’t bore you.

  • Purple Cardigan (ebay)
  • White jeans (ebay)
  • green/white stripe cardigan (ebay)
  • new dress slacks (NEW from GAP)

Here is proof that I rock the outfit :) – The only FLOP here is the shoes. They don’t work as well as I thought with this -

  • pants and top – old navy
  • earrings & shoes- target
  • necklace-The Limited